MOSHing through the past.

January 11, 2009

mosh-guitar-0091I recently started providing worship music leadership for a new gathering a former student of mine is trying to get off the ground at her church.  The gathering is called MOSH (Manna Of Sound for Humanity), sort of a place for high school students to treat themselves to fun [often-loud] worship music and prayer. As cool as that sounds, it’s been a little jarring for me since it’s closely tied to the work Suzy and I used to do (Episcopal youth ministry) which ended, shall we say, poorly (empathetic head nods from familiarity with church work going up in flames accepted).

To be honest, I’ve been sort of keeping myself at arm’s length for a number of reasons; old wounds, uncertainty of success, general fear of professional commitment.  However, something was different tonight.  Notably, there were a bunch of students there for a change, a handful of whom were also former students of ours.  And all of them seemed into it.  And I mean really into it.  They came to get down for Jesus!  And I felt myself sincerely reaching out to them, spiritually, in a way that I haven’t for some time.

I realized tonight that I harbor some fond memories of the work that we used to do, despite how easy (and justified) it is to be bitter about the institution that caused us so much pain.  Those kids love being together in church on a Saturday night and they really sang and danced with energy and passion.  And I know that much of that is fruit from the seeds that Suzy and I sowed.  That makes me happy.

A few noteworthy things this makes me aware of: I’m thankful for the time that we had in the earlier ministry and I’m glad that it seems to have at least a somewhat-lasting effect.  Also, having seen that it could still be successful, I wouldn’t wish to go back to the same job, and that’s important.  I’ve moved on and expect God to do great things, especially since I now realize that I’m most happy while working on and taking part in creative and relevant liturgies that express the beauty of God’s presence with us.  Maybe MOSH will be a place that God expects me to dig in and get artsy again.  Or maybe there’s something wildly unexpected peeking around the corner (like a way for me to leverage that creative experience towards better ministering to my restaurant colleagues).

Regardless, I’m grateful for the gang at the Boston Vineyard letting my guitar and me hang out with them and for inviting me in on the Essentials journey.  Maybe it’s Dan’s passion for communicating theology, but I feel like this is an inspirational season at an opportune time.   Of course, I’ll need to accept the possibility that it may come at the cost of not getting to spend a gazillion hours learning to play the guitar solo from “Bodhisattva”



  1. I can play the guitar solo from “Bodhisattva”… on Rock Band. Keep this blog thing going, I really enjoy reading it. Helps me keep up. And in return I’ll make an effort to post on mine (Holly set it up and posts some) http://www.thehortonsfromtx.blogspot.com

  2. That skill of yours does not surprise me. I should have you sit in at one of these services. I’m sure we can incorporate some guitar hero theatrics into a worship song. When is Crowder going to make the Rock Band cut? After all, Ted Nugent did make a guest appearance on their last studio offering…

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