The love of my life!

Cliched wedding photo

Cliched wedding photo

Meet Suzy, who has the most compassion of any person I’ve ever met.  We were married in 2007 in Boston, where we live with the crazy animal you see above.  Suzy and I met while working with junior high and high school youth for the Episcopalians.  She’s from New Jersey and has been dealt several roommates from the state of Texas (only fitting that she should marry a Texan).  Suzy has a big heart for youth, women’s rights, dogs, learning and Davidson basketball.  She loves reading, country music, Bon Jovi and Chris Tomlin.  And she’s also providing the last name for our family.  As soon as I can get approval, I’ll be taking her last name and going from John Mayer to John Spressert.



  1. I love this picture. It’s so genuine.
    Can I add you to my blogroll?

    • Funny story about that. A cute cocker spaniel tromped right by while we were taking the photos. It sort of reminded us of our own bundle of puppy joy who was waiting for us to return from honeymoon. Couldn’t help but smile.

      Feel free to add me. It’d be an honor. I’ll do the same with your blog. Love your hair, by the way!!

  2. That completely explains your expression! right on.
    Consider yourself added!

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