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Concepts of heaven

February 9, 2009
"Popular" view of heaven?

"Popular" view of heaven?

Sipping Coffee and Ideas shared her thoughts on slight disparity between mainstream views of heaven and what we’re coming to realize in class.  I thought this lawn display in my neighborhood would provide a fairly good illustration of the mainstream.  From Connie,

I did worry a little about what we would be doing, “once we got up there.” I mean really, I love to sing and I love to worship – but endlessly? For all of eternity? For ever and Ever? Really? And never do anything else?

She  does raise an interesting point.  While I have no doubt that the most desirable and beautiful object of worth in the Universe (Creator God) will inspire us to continual and unceasing praise, I’m not sure what is appealing in that notion to those who don’t currently believe in God.


End of the Myth

January 16, 2009

Emergent Village posts this interesting (and perhaps troubling) thought about future theological sources as we trek further and further into the internet age.   If you’re in Essentials with me, I found the post and it’s comments to be a fascinating supplement to Dan’s “Analog/Digital Theology” musings.